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Presently, everyone is talking about the economic slowdown and financial crunches due to the pandemic, but it’s essential to know that few startups are growing well. These tech startups are setting an example for others to follow especially during this pandemic period

A recent survey conducted this year in February reveals that many Indian startups usually prioritize growth over profitability. However, that can change due to the outbreak of the pandemic and how it has affected thousands of businesses worldwide. 

Below are a few growing tech startups that have come into existence and are thriving during the pandemic:

MultiLiving Technologies 

MultiLiving Technologies is a unique platform-based enterprise that leverages on basic technology, brand, and services. These leverages are used to unlock enhanced rental value in a large residential real estate asset class, by creating a rental housing ecosystem through technology to enrich the lives of owners and tenants respectively in their value chains. 

This company has continued to maintain its unique momentum, without losing any clientele, but adding so many new customers. It has also increased its homeowner customer base by more than 500% during the lockdown phase. 

tech startups

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MultiLiving have managed to achieve this outstanding success due to its technology-based home management offering, that gives homeowners a scientific and reliable way of adding value to their asset. 

The company intends to launch a platform that will give the customers an exciting experience in finding the perfect rental living solution. The technology-based set up has more enhanced productivity as it features tools that make it easy to use at home. Also, the company keeps growing steadily with no layoffs and salary cuts.

Techno Companion

Techno Companion is one of the latest and promising companies in India that comes with a blend of best-in-class technology and expert management for IT startups. 

The company provides cutting-edge IT services and state of the art to enterprises and entrepreneurs, thereby creating the perfect customized and tailored tech-solution for every unique challenge. 

During the lockdown, the company has maintained its growth and has not lost any of its clients, not do pay cuts for salary.


Rooter is the biggest Sports Community Platform in India, who are known for personalizing sports content and giving a voice to millions of fan across sports as well as gaming. 

The platform engages fans with user Generated Live Audio and Video Content over different sports, offering a personalized sports feed consisting of videos, polls, images, and so on. 

Also, there are scoreboards in 10 Indian languages that cover football, cricket, and other multiple sports.  During the lockdown where all sporting activities have come to a halt across the globe, the Indian community has managed to raise to $1.7 million (which is around Rs 12.8 crore) in pre-series A round.

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is India’s leading and fastest-growing gaming destination. It is the ultimate destination for people who love games, trivia, and contests. You can decide to play super-engaging games and contests that can be enjoyed alone and also with real people in real-time. It gives you a complete (360-degree) gaming experience that is inclusive of all genres. 

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Paytm First Games registered over 5 million app downloads during the ongoing lockdown. A gaming app is now a popular option for stay-at-home entertainment and with its games like Rummy and Ludo registering 4x to 5x. 

Also, the app has more than half a million active gamers on the platform daily who spend between 32 to 45 minutes playing more than 100 games. 


There are so many other tech setups that came into existence during the lockdown like Khabri and CloudConnect Communications. We can boldly say the lockdown was a blessing in disguise for startups. 

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