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Globally, Machine Learning has become one of the fastest-growing and extremely interesting.

Branch of computer science. It has endless application cutting across several industries and sectors.

Whether it is spam filtering, chatbots, fraud detection, search engines, or ad serving among many others, you cannot do without machine learning. It is safe to say that machine learning has now become a vital part of our everyday life.

Machine learning allows us to create mathematical models and find patterns to solve several things that seem impossible to humans.

Due to the rising demand for machine learning, several authors and experts have created lots of courses on machine learning. However, while some courses are well detailed and rich in content, others are not. As a result, we have taken out time to find the top Machine Learning courses on the internet to help you in making the right decision on the course to take.

Machine Learning – Coursera

The machine learning course offered by Coursera was created by Andrew Ng who is the co-founder of Google Brain, a professor at Stanford University, a co-founder of Coursera, and a former VP at Baidu.

machine learning coursera andrew ng

This course makes use of Octave which is an open-source programming language instead of R or Python for its assignments. Although this is a strange development when it comes to machine learning, it is easier to learn the basics of ML using Octave.

Even more, this course contains the entire mathematical explanations needed to understand each algorithm as well as linear algebra and calculus.

Deep Learning Specialization – Coursera

Just like the previous course, this course was also prepared and taught by Andrew Ng. However, this is an advanced course for those interested in knowing how to use Deep learning and neural networks to solve problems.

That said, these courses make use of Python programming for both lectures and assignments. On the other hand, for neural networks, it makes use of the TensorFlow library.

Although this is a follow up to the Machine learning course by Ng, you will however get exposed to the use of Python programming for machine learning.

Machine Learning with Python — Coursera

This course is yet another great course suitable for beginners. It focuses on teaching the basics of machine learning algorithms.

Thanks to a great instructor, in-depth explanations, and slide animations, learners get to enjoy an easy to understand the course.

That’s said, it uses Python programming and provides learners an opportunity to incorporate in their browsers an interactive Jupyter notebook which they can use to practicalize the new concepts they have learned.

One of the few things that makes this course stand out is the practical advice given for each algorithm.

Advanced Machine Learning Specialization  – Coursera

If you are looking for an advanced course on machine learning, then this is what you need. This course is extensive, balanced, and covers a wide range of machine learning techniques.

As a result of the advanced nature of this course, it requires more statistical and mathematical expressions hence beginners will need to first take some beginner courses on machine learning.

Furthermore, this course will help to prepare you to carry out several machine learning projects.

Machine Learning – EdX

This machine learning course from EdX is an advanced course that requires a good knowledge of linear Algebra, probability programming, and calculus.

The course comes with assignments on both Octave and Python however, it does not teach any of the languages. One 9f the distinguishing factors this course brings to machine learning is its probabilistic approach.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn a Probabilistic Perspective on machine learning.


machine learning

Without a doubt, machine learning is interesting and fun to learn and practice. Although there are thousands of courses available on the internet today, these courses we have selected are simple to understand, rich in content, and well explained to help you learn machine learning either as a beginner or on an advanced level.

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