HealthTech is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the globe, however, Africa stands out due to the diverse illnesses that are common there. Across the continent, startups make use of tech-based solutions to aid them in tackling the challenges in delivering high-quality health care to resource-deprived and rural areas. 

From treating individuals with addiction to pharmaceutical supply chain management, healthtech is creating a more reliable, accessible, and efficient system in Africa and beyond. Here are some of the most successful and inventive HealthCare startups across the continents that cannot be overlooked:


Vezeeta is an Egyptian start-up that was initially set out to build a better ambulance service for people residing within the Middle East and North Africa. However, since it was launched in 2011, the company has kept expanding and now covers a host of other healthcare needs. 

They now touch every aspect of the patient’s experience ranging from online bookings to other clinic management software that makes it easy for patients to find and access the best healthcare within their community. 

Vezeeta now operates in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia and they have aided over 2.5 million patients to make more than 3 million bookings.

Appy Saúde

Appy Saúde is Angola’s leading healthcare database, that allows people to locate, rate, and get in contact with healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and Gps. Also, the app provides patients with all the information about what health insurance certain providers accept. 

Appy Saúde healthtech

Since its inception in 2017, the app has collected information for each of the 18 provinces of Angola. Currently, this information has over 12, 500 downloads. 

The app has added an extra feature that permits patients to book appointments with providers via the app. It was exhibited at a Web Summit in the year 2019 in Lisbon as part of the ALPHA startup program.


The TakeStep is an Egyptian healthtech startup app that uses mobile to assist people struggling from any form of addiction. It is a full-stack platform that is designed to address addictions no matter its complexity. 

They do not just help people to quickly and discreetly access professional counseling but also stay engaged throughout the recovery process to avoid relapses. The platform works by connecting all stakeholders in the addiction recovery process (this includes guardians, patients, treatment facilities, and supervisors).


TenaCare is a digital health system founded by Dr. Wuleta Lemma, who desires to transform healthcare in Ethiopia. TenaCare was born as a result of the inadequacies of the trending technologies of healthtech in Ethiopia. 

Lack of an up-to-date system made delivering high-quality healthcare a big challenge, specifically for people residing in remote areas of the country. The app was designed in conjunction with Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative and its intended to be managed locally. 

Also, the system can be operated both online and offline, hence makes it accessible to people both in rural and urban clinics.


Low-quality and phony pharmaceuticals are a common and dangerous issue in Africa, with an estimated record of 30% medication available on the continent is said to be fake. Often, these drugs are still vital to treat life-threatening conditions like hepatitis and malaria. 

Medsaf is a Lagos-based Nigerian startup that is set up to tackle the healthcare crisis by establishing a safe and reliable supply chain of medication. They purchase medications directly from both foreign and local drug manufacturers to deliver them to pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics throughout Nigeria. 

 healthtech company

Medsaf had its exhibition at Collision in 2019, where it used its buying power to negotiate fair prices for patients. For now, they continue to operate just in Nigeria, but they intend to expand into West Africa and the world at large. 

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