In recent times, the world has been in an era that is commonly referred to as the digital economy era. Businesses have continued to take advantage of the wide range of digital solutions available to remain relevant, competitive, and provide better solutions to their customers.

MarTech is a term that refers to the process of integrating marketing and technology. It also refers to tools, efforts, and initiatives that are applied to marketing to achieve set goals, aims, and objectives.

MarTech has gradually become a trend marketers utilize to carry out marketing campaigns. That said, MarTech is made up of a wide variety of emerging technology, analytic tools, and software applications such as machine learning and artificial intelligence which are both helpful in enhancing media spend.

Here, you will find some MarTech tools that you can implement to improve your marketing campaign.

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing has now become one of the key factors in marketing. Some content marketing tools include software for web publishing, a primary tool, and a content management system (CMS). These tools are used in hosting a website, native content, or blog. Other examples of content management systems include Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools

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Search Engine Optimization helps in gathering data on competitors and keywords. SEO helps in boosting website traffic and search engine results pages.

Content Marketing Platforms (CMP) 

These are platforms that help marketers to create marketing strategies as well as analyze marketing contents like Skyword, HubSpot, and Marketo.

Rich Media Tools

These are tools that are often used to edit marketing audio and videos. There are several rich media tools available today that can be used to quickly create and edit videos including YouTube, Vimeo, google podcast, woodbox, and filora9 just to mention a few. Even more, rich media tools allow marketers to promote their audio.and video content on various platforms thanks to the help of some interactive content tools. 

That said, there are some of the social media tools listed below for marketers to have better management on their social media as well as monitoring and influencer marketing tools. Social media tools are a great platform to connect marketers with the audience.

Social Media Tools

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Social media marketing has over the years continued to grow as it keeps gaining millions of users yearly. It has now become a new platform for marketing various products and services. Presently, many tools come with exceptional social media influencer marketing and monitoring tools including Hootsuite, sprout social, buffer, google alert, and followerwonk among others. It is also worth mentioning that social media tools are great mediums for markets to connect their audiences.

Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms

Marketing automation software is an application that helps in automating and streamlining several repetitive tasks while email marketing tools focus primarily on the email side of marketing. The various types of marketing automation tools include HubSpot, AWeber, Marketo, and Mailchimp among others.

Advertising Platforms and Tools

Advertising platforms such as Google ads, bing ads, taboos, and adbeat, help marketers in efficiently managing their social media advertisements. 

While social media advert tools help in managing social media adverts, SEM comes in handy for managing search engine campaigns.


Without a doubt, digital technology has grown to be an important aspect of marketing as a result of its impact on interactivity.

Marketers are now able to conveniently analyze their customer’s needs and also promote their brands using various marketing technology tools.

As a result, most CMO’s are now gradually implementing their marketing strategies using various MarTech tools.

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