• There are many free email services that can provide email without phone number registration
  • ProtonMail amongst services such as Yandex mail, Mail.com, GMX Email, Totanota and Inbox.Lv is the most secure form of email
  • There are even temporary email services that can provide an email for just a few hours

email that doesn't require phone number

In today’s world that is interconnected due to digitization, emails are a noteworthy necessity for communication and information sharing. Email services can be used for personal or professional use, they are private and can contain really sensitive data such as bank account information or business communication. 

Users want a seamless signing in process that does not require technical knowledge and can be easy to use. There are many free email services out there that require a simple way to create an email that does not require a phone number or any extra personal information that people might hesitate to give out. 


A great free email service is provided by Mail.com that does not require a phone verification. This email provider also gives the option of picking your own domain name and there are around 200 domains that one can choose from to suit the business needs or personal choice. 

Some of the domains that mail.com provides are writeme.com, workmail.com, dr.com, accountant.com, asia.com etc. Mail.com also provides 65GB of storage with their free email and advanced security features to keep their user experience great. 

GMX Email

It is a great email service provider from Germany with 11 million users. It comes in English, French, German or Spanish with great virus and spam protection. A great feature for GMX mail is you don’t need to make separate email addresses and have the opportunity to create alias addresses. Emails sent to these alias addresses will be sent to the GMX mail inbox while you can send users emails from the alias addresses. 


This is a great email service that provides layers of security for its users that even popular email services don’t provide for free. It is an encrypted email service with a free VPN service to protect your privacy. Proton mail provides Zero Access Encryption where even if the email is breached the data contained within it will remain secure. 

ProtonMail, which is based in Switzerland is also an open source platform with 5GB of storage. It has an option of sending password protected emails to users that can be set to self-destruct in the desired days. It is an email that doesn’t require a phone number when signing up. 

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail provides a great feature to filter your messages to make them into Spam. It is a Russian based free email service that is faster compared to many popular email services. This email doesn’t require a phone number during registration and users have an option to skip this part. It has 10 GB of cloud storage which is a large storage space with a well designed user interface. 


Totanota has over 2 million users with its headquarters in Germany providing millions of users a secure and free email service. Totanota email doesn’t require a phone number to set up and doesn’t rely on earning money through advertisement. It rather earns revenue through donations and premium subscriptions. 

Totanota lets you encrypt your emails and places its focus more on security. It has 1 GB of storage for its free email service and is incredibly easy to use. 


Inbox.Lv is a latvian email service provider that is based in Latvia, Europe. This email doesn’t require a phone number and is free to use with 20GB of storage and dashboards are available in English language.  It provides a number of internet services including file sharing, photo back up solutions or a secure calendar. 

email that doesn't require phone number

There are quite a number of email services that provide signing up to email without the requirement of adding a phone number. This does not necessarily meaning these services are not secure. 

They can provide a great amount of security to its users and even compared to some of the popular email services that do require a phone number. Email services like ProtonMail are heavily backed up with security for its users, a service such as Tempmail can provide a temporary email service valid for a few hours that can give you an option of not creating an email for a small job. There are plenty of ways to go around creating an email without the sharing of a phone number and with more perks available.

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