• You need to be a customer of any of the three TV, Internet or Phone services to use the email. 
  • filters out 95% of messages to spam therefore it is important to use the correct port in the case of third party email services. 
  • Comcast offers great affordability programs for its internet customers.

Where It All Started

Around the mid 1960’s in the United States, a company called The American Cable Systems started a cable service business to provide services across the country that expanded to millions of subscribers all over the USA. Soon that company became Comcast Holdings and in the ‘90s, Comcast started to provide internet services. This service also saw a lot of boom in the country and it eventually owned over 40% of the US Broadband market. 

Comcast had always been a Cable and Internet Service Provider so when in 2010  a merger between NBC and Comcast was about to happen the team found it to be deflecting from the narrow focus of the brand. As a result, Xfinity was created and Comcast became the parent company of Xfinity. Now there are Xfinity TV or Xfinity Internet services and one of which is the email access to email through Xfinity login. You need to subscribe and pay for any one of the three services namely Internet, Cable or Phone to create a free email ID on Comcast. With Xfinity internet services, you can get seven email IDs that gives an option to add your employees or family members who can make a email. Email Creation

If you want to use a email, you will need to first visit and click the sign in option on the top right corner of your screen. The screen will give you a sign in option but you will need to scroll down in order to find the sign up option by clicking the Create One link. login

When you click it, it will redirect you to another page that allows you to add your phone number or the social security number. login

You can select any of the two options, with the mobile number option you are going to receive the verification number on your cell phone and when you select the SSN option you would have to provide your SSN last four digits, date of birth and a phone number associated to that account. Once you receive the verification code, make sure to activate your email in order to finish the setup and use the new email id. on Third Party Email Programs

you have the liberty to use the email on third party email programs such as Outlook as well. You can allow third party access by going into the security of your Xfinity account and checking the Third Party Access box. A few things to keep in mind when setting up another email program are as follows:

The Port Number:

Xfinity doesn’t allow port 25 for security purposes and only allows 993 with SSL on. Email port is how an email moves from one server to another and xfinity does not allow 25 in order to prevent spam.


Again settings allow IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) instead of POP (Post Office Protocol) because the former lets the mail on servers while the latter removes it from the servers and risk the security of the messages and data within them. 

Benefits of Xfinity Internet

Another great advantage of subscribing to xfinity internet besides getting access to email is the bundles that it offers. The speed of their internet can range from 10mbps to 2 gbps. The two WIFI services namely xFi and xFis Complete provide fast internet with a great price. You can freely access the 4K streaming TV, advanced security without extra cost, 24/7 real-time support to optimize the connection, change or upgrade your plan and connection to 20 million secure WIFI spots. 

There is also the Affordable Connectivity Program that provides a whopping $30 credit/month toward internet services. So if you are already a customer of Internet Essentials you simply need to enroll in this program and reap the benefits. Security representatives constantly work to make the email as secure as possible, filters out 95% of spam messages before reaching the email folders. Therefore it is advised by the comcast representatives to inform promptly in case of any IP migration so that any email or campaign does not get filtered and sent to the spam folder of the receiver. To use in a better way, keep checking the latest email trends and stay up-to-date with the current market.


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