Aspire Credit Card Preapproval
  • Aspire Credit Card requires its users to be part of Aspire Federal Credit Union.
  • It is a great option for those who have debt or a fair credit score  to apply for a credit card
  • It has 0% APR to begin with and provides great benefits to its owners 

The Aspire Credit Card is offered by Bank of Missouri and it is only available through an invitation by the bank. Bank of Missouri offers two cards, one is the Aspire Credit Card while the second is the Aspire Cash Back Reward Card. For the Aspire credit card you can pre-qualify for up to $1000 – $1500 credit limit and to apply for this card you need to have a pre-approval letter from Aspire in which you can find an acceptance code that is required to access the online application process. 

Aspire Credit Card Preapproval

How to Apply

The bank of Missouri provides services for the Aspire Credit Card but it is actually the Federal Credit Union that issues it which is why you need to enroll with the Federal Credit Union as a member first. Initially your credit report will be checked in order to establish that you qualify for the invitation to issue the card. 

After checking our credit report you will be sent a letter of invitation in the mail containing a 14-digit acceptance code that you will need to further the process. By visiting the Aspire website, the Respond to Offer button will take the user to a form that also includes submitting the acceptance 14-digit code in the letter. 

After the form is submitted the website goes to an application that requires the user to submit their important information such as phone numbers or emails etc. After confirming the terms and regulations the website will show a confirmation message in the end which is the last process and after 10-14 business days the card will be received. 

Receive and Activate the Card

Once the card is received it is time to activate it in a few simple steps. With the Aspire website or the Aspire mobile app an account is created and with this account the monthly card bill can be paid, see transactions and view statements. Users can also call on the aspire helpline if they don’t have access to the website or the mobile app, by calling the helpline Aspire will require the social security number to activate the card. 

Aspire Credit Card Fee

The Aspire credit card fee can be substantial with the annual fee of the first year being $49 to $175 then around $49 afterwards. The card holder would also need to pay an account maintenance fee of $60 to $159 that is billed monthly around $5 to $12.50 per month. 

Aspire Credit Card Pre Approval

Benefits of Aspire Credit Card 

The annual percentage rate or APR for Aspire credit cards is 13% to 18% which is a low rate and is good for a credit card. There is no application fee and unlike many credit cards that require to install a security deposit, the aspire credit card doesn’t require leaving a deposit. You also earn very good points with this card, around 5000 points for spending 2000 within three months. There is no charge for global travel insurance, there are attractive deals users can enjoy with the selected partners of aspire as well as access to 2 free SLOW lounge visits per year when you book a flight with eBucks Travel. If the aspire credit card is used responsibly, you can build credit over time. There is a free ID theft service where you will receive expert help if your wallet has been stolen and you will receive notifications if you identity has been stolen. 

The Aspire credit card is an unsecure card that is good for people with debt, you can start with this card because it allows people with just fair credit history and 0% APR. Keep in mind though that the balance transfer is 2% which means if you transfer any balance, 2% will be added to it. 

Another key piece of information is you have to join the credit union first before applying for Aspire credit card. The membership of credit union is for selected partners and companies along with their family members. The partner charity of Aspire Federal Credit Union called Marine Mammal Stranding Center and by making a donation to this charity it is possible to join the credit union. 

In conclusion, if you have debt or just fair credit you can apply for the Aspire Credit Card. Though the time limit to pay off debt is six months and sometimes people may need more time. The Aspire Credit Card will provide you with great opportunities and with good customer service as well, making it a good choice to those without an impressive credit score. 


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