The Tyrant

New events in Version 0.4.5

Fitness Studio 9 am – Nicole (The Tyrant Walkthrough)

– you have to be a member of the fitness studio already
– 20 or more love or 20 or more corruption needed
Basement Alexis
– when you‘re a gang member you can talk with her about it at the event at the
kitchen (8 am)
– you must do the event at least the second time
– the event starts automatically at night
– the event changes when Alexis saw at least 4 times anal-porn
Basement Alexis NTR
– Alexis must have to meet Davide at the basement event before (the event you start in
your room)
– you must be a gang member
– her relationship must be 5 or lower
– then the event start automatically at night
Basement Nicole
– you must be a gang member
– take her for you at the event at 10 pm in the living room
– then you can choose to spend the time with her in the living room as before or go to
the basement
– the event will choose at a certain point resting upon love is higher as corruption or
the opposite
– to see all outfits at the love-path you need at least 80 love
– when you do a special action you can see another event at the next day (7am
Basement Nicole NTR
– you must be a gang member
– her relationship must be 5 or lower
– the event will start when you go at 10 pm in the living room and end this event
Selling drugs 4 pm basement
– you can earn money another way on The Tyrant Walkthrough

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