solo leveling anime

After completion of season 1 of solo leveling manhwa, fans are wishing to get a second season of solo leveling anime. The solo leveling anime is so popular that is spreading like a flame. Solo leveling is originally a novel but as soon the manhwa becomes popular and most searched in the cartoon, the solo leveling was adapted by manhwa. 

Season 1 of solo leveling anime comprises 110 episodes. Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 that is episode 111 to get released. The fans are too curious and impatient that they started an online petition in 

Till now, nothing has been confirmed yet and there are spreading news around as if this is a confirmed bit of information. It is not the case at all. We do not have a solid release date yet announced for a solo leveling animate. A solo leveling animate period has not yet been announced. 

And with everybody at home right now because of quarantine I think a lot of people are just intensely and patiently waiting for some type of solo leveling content, especially something as exciting as a solo leveling anime.

As a prediction, season 2 of solo leveling anime will probably be available or launched on Netflix, the fans have also filled the form of Netflix suggestion movies and series. With many rumors going around. Here are clear things about the solo leveling anime release date, trailer, and cast.

solo leveling anime

Release Date of Solo Leveling Anime

Solo leveling anime is the only anime in all mahwas out there with perfect character and story in it, which one could wish to read and watch. Solo leveling anime is a perfect anime adaption because the story of the character jin-whoo enraptured the heart and interest of many manhwa/manga readers all around the globe. 

The October is going now, till now there’s no update or announcement regarding the solo leveling anime season 2, episode 111. As predicted, solo leveling anime will come in the fall of 2021 and will air on cartoon/ anime streaming websites crunchy roll and Funimation.

Also, the date of releasing the anime can push forwarder to postpone as there are so many webtoons whose dates have been pushed back because of the global pandemic coronavirus 2019 that’s why the release date of solo leveling anime can also push forward or get postponed. 

The fact of releasing season 2 of solo leveling anime in the future is 100 percent sure because it was trending and very loved anime in whole manga/manhwa anime. Maybe the work has already been started for it a soon we all will be notified as production starts.

The good news or fact for solo leveling anime is a YouTube channel named DNC webtoon has released a solo leveling trailer, which gives a signal of releasing the solo leveling soon.

Don’t hope and expect too much, because nothing has been confirmed ye, wait for the official announcement. Madhouse and ufotable are two animation studios which they are hoping to produce, while Netflix is a wild card.

The voice actors of all the cast and characters have also been not revealed since the news for the anime adaption has not been made, hoping to know that also very soon.

How Many Episodes?

With the question on solo leveling anime “will there be anime part of solo leveling?”. Fans are curious to also know about how many episodes will be created. People are expecting around 25-30 episodes in one season. It can also be possible that the episodes will divide into two more seasons like 12-15 in one season and the remaining are in the next season.

solo leveling anime

The coming up many anime trailers, release dates of other anime, making solo leveling anime fans jealous and eager or can’t wait for the situation for them.

The Storyline of Solo Leveling

Jinwu is our emcee for this series. His goal is to make enough money to pay his mom’s medical bills and get his sister to college. But this could prove to be a hard task when you notice the world’s weakest Hunter.

This is a story about how a man changed from being the world’s weakest hunter to the world’s strongest soul level. 10 years ago a ton of appeared that connected another dimension to our own world known as the gate brought along dungeons filled with monsters and what we know as the hunter system in order for a human to become a hunter, they’re awakened to what’s an awakening you may ask is like randomly going super sad for no odd reason. But it’s still lit, a hunter’s rank stays the same from when they’re awakened and it never changes. Each of them, they, and the dungeon is given a rank the rankings go as follows for hunters. They’re probably as strong as you can get for the average rank and the average class. So hustlers are categorized into classes. We have hunters in the warrior class, the night class, the magician, class, assassin, and those are usually the basic classes. It’s not till you get to the s ranks, where you start getting some distinct, original strong ask now. With that being said, all these hunters are scaled through a system they found in a dungeon that’s able to tell the ability the power of any Hunter, but when it comes to asteroid hunters, you can’t scale them, they broke it as hell work could be as strong as the moon is as strong. And one could probably blow up the earth. But we haven’t seen that yet. But what we do know about some asteroid encounters is that they can clear some direct dungeons by themselves, they can run up to 94 kilometers per hour as his one mouth was flexing in the car as he’s about to go kill my boy Jin Woo, the S rank hunters are strong enough to rule the world. The government can control them, and we’ll just leave it at that. But after S rank is the nation level hunter these guys are aspirants that have kind of transcended that they prove themselves they prove their worth, and they prove that they are valuable to the government the world, and they’re given the title and nation rank. We can establish how strong they are nor how much stronger the weakest S rank is to the strongest.

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