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There are occasions when you run your project when you will appreciate any support or direction to help you achieve progress. You may use any of the latest project management software, but nothing beats real-life project management examples to motivate you to find solutions.
Is your company trying to maximize job portfolios, align demand power, and connect plans and capital to project execution? It’s not always easy to push shift with pace and trust. Smart organizations are still searching for good examples of project management and see how other companies are meeting their project management objectives.
We’re going to have it at Plainview. Check out these five real-world examples of organizations using our work and resource management tools to connect policy to implementation. These organizations have taken great strides in how they work with project management to align their capital and produce value. Our mission is to help get you closer to project completion with these five examples of project management.
Project Management Examples

1. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) required consistent, credible data to advise financial and capital decisions. They have selected a portfolio of RBS Case Study Resource Management to drive continuity by shutting down 35 legacy programmes, 50+ user-developed software, and hundreds of spreadsheets. With data in various formats and hundreds of initiatives operated by different processes, they decided to take a closer look at their data to see their overall portfolio more clearly. They will deliver on their business case and hit ROI within 12 months. They also increased transparency and lowered costs in each business unit along the way.

Following the ring-fencing of the main domestic sector of the Company, the bank became a direct subsidiary of NatWest Holdings in 2019. NatWest Markets is the investment management arm of the Group. To offer it legal structure, the previous RBS corporation was renamed NatWest Markets in 2018; at the same time, Adam and Company (which kept a different PRA banking licence) were renamed The Royal Bank of Scotland, with Adam and Company continuing to be a private banking RBS brand in Scotland along the same lines as Messrs. Drummond and Child & Co. in England.

2. Flowserve

A multinational retailer with 19,000 staff aimed to accelerate innovative product development and gain insights to enhance their decision-making. They have been struggling to maximize labour efficiency, track programmes, and manage costs. With fund and inventory optimization, Flowserve has become nimble and brings goods more efficiently to the consumer. Using an automated gate analysis process, they are now the best able to handle pipeline work and pace time on the market, which eliminates launch delays. This helps them to manage expenses and assess success more efficiently.

Flowserve’s legacy traces back to the establishment in 1790 of Simpson & Thompson by Thomas Simpson, which later became Worthington Simpson Pumps, one of the firms that became part of BW/IP. The firm was formed in 1997 by the merger of two liquid motion and control companies: BW/IP and Durco International.

3. Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning was unable to model capability effectively. The administration of programmes and services with Cengage Learning spreadsheets has generated complexity for the medical and educational publishing business. They decided to combine the preparation and implementation processes for the distribution of the product. They selected portfolio and assets management investment and capability preparation to show executives all the wonderful work they could do if they had ample capital. They will now prioritize and drive tasks down the timetable and can quickly determine which departments require new hires.

Cengage provides print and downloadable textbooks, instructor supplements, online reference directories, distance learning classes, exam preparation resources, executive training courses, work assessment tools, content for particular academic disciplines and personalized solutions.
Cengage Unlimited, a subscription programme that enables students to pay for access to the company’s entire digital higher education library by semester or year, announced on 5 December 2017, rather than purchasing individual textbooks. This programme became available during the summer of 2018 and was stated to be in line with expectations” with its initial revenue objective.

4. Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers oversees more than 100 projects of all styles (operations, new product development) at any given time. Work was tracked using standard SharePoint lists and pages. They needed to better leverage the software to create a more comprehensive framework for handling each project successfully.
Siemens Healthineers has used Project Lite, Project Norm and Project Organized models to handle projects of different sizes and styles. With these models, each project is launched in a standardized fashion, providing greater visibility.
Milestone Pattern Monitoring – measuring progress toward targets – is highly relevant for Siemens Healthineers’ project management. Using project managers can easily see the past and evolution of the Milestones Project. When they find that their milestones are falling, they should take the appropriate measures to get them back on track.

Project Management Examples

5. Triumph Group

The Triumph Group founded in 1993, is a world leader in aerospace production and overhauling aerospace structures, systems and parts.
In 2016, Triumph Group embarked on a company-wide transition that led to the centralization of processes and structures. The influence on project management was important and contributed to the development of a Project Management Office.
Initially, this PMO used SharePoint 2010 to catch numerous initiatives ongoing, giving a clearer view of the portfolio of projects. However, the PMO quickly emerged from SharePoint as a stand-alone project management platform. The team decided to implement for a variety of purposes, including convergence, automation and established SharePoint experience within Triumph.
The Triumph Community has seen many advantages, including better administration, increased visibility and better monitoring.


Project management is continually changing. It’s a career that requires persistence and perseverance, and a desire to take some painful lessons learned along the way and incorporate them back into project processes. This project management highlights of effective initiatives illustrate how swift intervention, backed by a powerful instrument, can produce consistent outcomes.
Good project management tales are also assisted by a strong instrument.


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