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Pokémon is the biggest media franchise ever to have earned $90 billion in sales since its launch in 1995. Given this, games tend to progress at a glacial rate, seldom producing big changes from one entry to the next. That’s why it’s so exciting that the newest games in the franchise, Pokémon Sword and Shield, are set to change Pokemon’s formula in a big way. There’s a new Wild Area kitted out with a rotary camera and online assistance, the National Dex is no longer available, and instead of mechanics like Z-moves and Super Evolutions, Pokémon will now be dynamized in arenas, allowing them to expand in size and take on new shapes.

Although these improvements are dramatic for a slow-moving franchise like Pokemon, they are not as ambitious as those of pokemon Crystal Clear, a ROM hack designed by a modder named ShockSlayer. Pokemon Crystal Clear expanded on Pokémon Crystal 2000 to give priority to player control by adding several new mechanics that have greatly improved on the vanilla title. Late-game creatures could be met almost immediately after starting, trainers could challenge gyms in any order they wanted, and even the irritating “trade evolution” mechanic was rectified by adding a brand-new NPC known as the Trade back Man.

Removed Roadblocks and Gym Size

Essentially, the hack operates of pokemon crystal clear eliminating plot elements and roadblocks, allowing the player to navigate effortlessly around the game world without the need to perform particular tasks. Besides, pokemon crystal clear’s Pokemon Gyms can also be contested in any order, with Gym leader Pokemon scaling in proportion to the number of badges currently owned by the player. All 251 Pokemon can be bought from Pokemon Crystal Clear without the need to exchange.

pokemon crystal clear

The Independence Prize

The independence offered by Pokemon Crystal Clear comes at the price of plot elements that do not appeal to all players. Moreover, while Pokemon crystal clear-faced the size of Pokemon Gyms relative to the advancement of the player, Wild Pokemon does not mean that any areas are theoretically available, yet better avoided in the early game. However, the opportunity to experience the planet easily is a big plus.

Improving Perfection

For several, the second generation of Pokemon crystal clear still holding on to the best the series has had to deliver during its long reign at the top of the elite gaming. Too many would consider that improving this title would be a little impractical. While shock slayer, the maker of this, does so with aplomb by not shaking the port, but simply softly nudging it to a better place with minor adjustments to the already adored formula.

Linear to Sandbox

This game series of pokemon crystal clear has always had a strong aim of putting the player in a very tidy and well-structured sequence against the ultimate target of the Pokemon League. However, this title “pokemon crystal clear” grants players the right to approach the gyms in whatever order they want and helps players to circumvent the HM barricades by easily eliminating them. pokemon crystal clear allows players to play their own way and gives an emerging style of play that has already been present in the series, but not on this scale.

Trainers will also scale to your level, based on how many badges you have and the level at which the group is. This ensures that you are still faced with a reasonable and balanced challenge, no matter how you play the pokemon crystal clear.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Turns the game pokemon crystal clear into an interactive view of the environment in pokemon crystal clear
  • Badges can be obtained in any order in pokemon crystal clear
  • Both 251 Pokémon can be captured without trading in pokemon crystal clear
  • Capacity to contest a Pokemon Gym in pokemon crystal clear


  • Storage components are excluded in pokemon crystal clear
  • Customization of character is minimal in pokemon crystal clear
  • Pokemon in the wild is not a scale in pokemon crystal clear
  • Graphics are a bit old in pokemon crystal clear

More Elements of RPG

Pokemon has always had the main quest line and the small subplots for players to explore during their journey. However, it has never always been possible to complete the optional side quests. At least not in the traditional context. Players can experience a variety of well-written and charismatic NPCs with fascinating quests to sell. In specific, we suggest the legendary hunt of Pokemon obsessed with Equine.
Along with this, some current NPCs have been updated to drive the plot along naturally. Take the receptionist at the museum, for example. In the base game, not getting enough resources will serve as a deterrent to the continuity of the plot. In Roma, though, she can turn a blind eye to the player to encourage a young child’s exploration of information. It’s a slight addition, but welcome addition.

Simple Trading

The trade back guy is the most visible improvement. An NPC that encourages pokemon trading, which grows through trade, and then gives it back to you right away. This helps players to fill up more of their Pokedex, acquire Pokemon that are larger and better copies of their current squad, and stop depending on those annoying commercial cables back in the day. Thank god the time has gone by.

A Close Contact

Public support for this title has been tremendous since the publication of the first edition and since then there have been major changes. One of them is the ability to import your own sprites into the game. This helps you to walk about the newly envisioned Johto as a perfect reflection of yourself. Back in 2000, you were stuck with a default style, but now the game has changed for the better.

The New Planet

As someone who grew up with Pokemon at the front and middle of their youth. In most cases, attempting to change a classic like Pokemon Crystal will be called sacrilege. Though, credit where credit is due, Shockslayer nailed this adaptation and truly brought the game to a different stage. Beauty is in the subtlety of transition.

Download Pokemon Crystal Clear

Click on the below link to download pokemon crystal clear


System Requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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