Linnk is technology-oriented staffing & services consulting company with principles built to meet the needs of its clients.

They deliver a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions, with an ever-changing network of experience spanning several continents. Covering more than 40 sectors and business functions, they help produce transformational results for a challenging modern digital environment.

Core Markets are:

  • Infrastructure, DevOps and Cloud

They provide driving automated & optimized collaboration between business lines, production & IT operations to increase agility, scalability & productivity while reducing costs.


  • Software Developments

They give a wide range of Designing, specifying, designing, scripting, recording, checking, and fixing bugs includes developing and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components that help to expand the limits of what humans and technology can achieve.

  • Data Analytics

They explain “To leverage on a data-driven environment, you need to evaluate and act on quality data to help identify key sources of income, deepen consumer interaction and further optimize costs”.

  • Information and Cybersecurity

“Cyber resilient companies are able to work under persistent threats and sophisticated attacks, allowing them to safely engage in disruption, enhance consumer loyalty, and raise shareholder value.” 

Client Services:

The company provides four client services. They are:-

  • Staffing

Their staff has Time & Material, Fixed Price & Recruitment Focused Project Services. Additional payroll and hosting are some facilities they guarantee to provide. Linnk’s staffing services are designed to complement the recruiting process and provide a versatile alternative to permanent recruiting, allowing you to adapt staff levels to company requirements.

  • Permanent

Targeted candidate sourcing, Candidate application screening, evaluation and management, and ongoing candidate management services.

Linnk’s workforce solutions are designed to understand & address your unique business needs, to search for the right applicants, and to choose the best that will enable you to focus on the core functions of your company.

  • Consultancy

To help you make better choices, minimize costs, create a more efficient company, and implement appropriate technology strategies. Linnk ‘s variety of bolt-on resources helps you to get as little or as much support as you need, whenever and wherever you need it.


  • On-Demand Services

Their Managed & Project Services systems are designed to be scalable and run over a number of years, subject to complexity and demand. Linnk Managed Services is an ideal choice for your company when it comes to scaling, but do not have the capital to fund the requisite infrastructure, or simply want to concentrate attention on evolving business strategy rather than fighting fires in your systems.

As I researched, there are no reviews by any client on any profile of linnk’s group. The link group’s motto for their client is “driving agility & innovation through technology” as written on their website. They also follow “Quality is the best business plan” in the client services area. At last, they say the international market is, With their headquarters in London and associates all over the world, they have ties to all major continents and nations. With a local approach in all of their main markets, their team has an in-depth knowledge of the culture and legislation of living, working, and recruiting in each particular region and country.

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