• Yahoo and AT&T joined to form free email service for its users
  • email service comes with improved security and benefits such as customization of homepage according to the user’s interests
  • The email ID can be created in three simple steps and password reset option is available for those with or without AT&T wireless service.

Email services provided by AT&T were a perk for buying their internet services, as of now Yahoo and AT&T have collaborated together. This migration means the email accounts under AT&T can be accessed through Yahoo with a few simple steps.

In order to access the email address, users would have to go to the website to either create a new email address, those who want to change their name or just first time email users looking for an email address, additionally users can create up to three email addresses with a single IP. 

Security and Storage is protected by the AT&T enhanced authentication security, it has built-in virus protection and comes with spam filters. The state-of-the-art software provides a secure email user experience, with 1TB storage for its users, the email is firewall protected and mailboxes do not get bookmarked. login

Benefits of

There are some other benefits that the email provides its users. 

  • Customization: Other than checking your email, you can customize your own homepage for and you can easily access it through the Mail link in the navigation menu. You can also turn on the email notifications but there is always an option to switch it off.


  • New updates: The news are set in the center of your homepage and can range from politics, current affairs, entertainment or sports. 


  • Stocks and Investment: you can have an entire section for finances on your homepage, you can learn about stocks, market data and analysis as well as market trends. 


  • Sports Fan: if you are a sports fan and there is a game going on presently, you can customize the settings so that the scores and updates on your homepage can appear. 


  • Movies: Latest movies and your favorite celebrity news can be available on the homepage as well. 


  • Relevancy: Another great part of the service is it can learn what you like more of and present you with the information in the form of articles that you want more information on, such as health, fitness or any other topic you like

  • Weather: You can get the weather report of your city for 5-10 days on your homepage including any rain forecast, wind direction, humidity and a forecast map. 


  • Organization: You can organize your contacts in the list to send out important messages to multiple people at once, there is also a great calendar option to schedule meetings of the day or set up the calendar for future reference. 

You don’t have to be an AT&T subscriber to create the free email and enjoy the many free services it offers. 

Three Easy Steps to world

To set up your email on is actually a very easy process and also a fast one. In order to learn the ‘how-to’ please read the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Once you go to you will see the option to sign-in, by clicking on that button you will be redirected to a sign-in page where you can click the ‘Create New Account’ button. 

Step 2: This step will ask you to enter your wireless number and zip code so that you can receive the confirmation code and enter it to continue. 

Step 3: Once you choose the email and password of your liking, you can not only add you profile info but also the security questions that furthers the safety of

Simply follow the prompts to verify your account and continue to use your new email along with its many benefits right on the homepage. login

Password Reset and Support

In case you forget your password you can always reset it depending on the wireless option you setup. This means if you already have a wireless service you can add it to your email as a user ID, if you haven’t got a wireless service of AT&T you can add a secondary wireless service that can be used to recover your ID or Password. More support options are always available, you can also send your feedback to AT&T in order to improve their email services. 


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